Renee Williams created her business That Perfect Hour in 2019 to share her passion for mending. She is a mending maverick on a mission to help us keep our clothes looking fabulous and out of landfill.


As we hear more and more stories of the environmental toll of fast fashion and see images of discarded clothes burned or sent to the third world, there has never been a greater need to highlight these issues and discuss practical and inspiring solutions.


By doubling the useful life of clothing from one year to two years, emissions can reduce over the year by 24% -Greenpeace 2016


Simple mending skills are a gateway into a change in mindset - 'if I can mend my clothes, what else could I possibly mend or repair?' Mending gives people a powerful option to step off the consumerist cycle of fast fashion. It can help us change the way we view our belongings and can help us develop a deeper attachment to them.


'the benefits of this change in mindset are far-reaching and pivotal - not just for the individual, but for our whole society'






What people have said about Renee's work


'Renee is the Marie Kondo of mending'

-Nadia Finer www.shyandmighty.com


'I loved that you shared this to inspire people. You've inspired me!'

- Emma John www.sisterhoodofstyle.com


Renee is also an experienced Content Creator. She has worked with the organisations below to help raise the profile of mending.

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